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Imagine True Health 

Tina Llewellyn is on a mission to create a life that fuels her body, mind, and soul. Tina is a lover of plants, horses, magic, and art, and it is through all of these facets that she has built a place where women and children can come to heal.



Featured Workshops

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Intentional Creativity Workshop

Intentional Creativity Workshop is an amazing way to move through emotions or blocks that may be holding you back and rewiring your brain while you’re moving your hands, brush or pen.

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Red Drum Workshop

Red Drum Workshop is a place where you can create and build your own red drum. We teach how to use the tools and then we all make one together.  This will be a fun, interactive experience where you’ll learn some new skills. We will have wine and beer. Everyone who has ever wanted to try their hand at building something with their hands should come join us!  Bring your friends/dates/kids! 


Red Thread Circle Workshop

Red Thread Circle is an experiential, participatory and collaborative event that invites participants to explore their own story while listening to the stories of others. The Red Thread Circle allows people from all walks of life to connect on a deeper level with themselves, other participants and the women who have shared their stories. RTC strives to create a safe space where people can be vulnerable in order to support one another’s growth.

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Painting With Horses Workshop

Painting with the horses is a 2 days workshop where we do intentional creativity painting and work with the horses, uniting art and nature in an inspirational experience.

Imagine True Healt - About Tina

Awaken The Woman Within Workshop

3 Months Program For those looking to deepen their relationship with self and explore new realms of being. This program will give you tools to help awaken the senses, creativity and bring a sense of fulfillment into your life.



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FEEL Session

Starting at $140/hr

FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® is a unique collaboration between horses and humans. The horse is the teacher and plays a leading role in guiding transformational journeys of healing, personal growth, and spiritual connection. This session is with a certified FEEL instructor.

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Counselling Sessions

Starting at $140/hr

Our Counselling Sessions service provides emotional support to people who are going through a rough time in their lives. This is done by helping them connect with their inner self and find ways to overcome the challenges they face.This session is with a certified counselor.

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Herbal Consult

Starting at $140/hr

Our Herbal Consult is an online herbal consultation and provides the highest quality of herbs and herbal products. Herbs are used for medicinal purposes in natural healing, weight loss, health care and to maintain a good overall health. This consult is with a certified herbalist.

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Hypnotherapy Session

Starting at $140/hr

Hypnotherapy Session to heal, reduce anxiety and depression. The session is guided by a certified hypnotherapist. No side effects and 100% safe! 

Intentional Creativity Workshop is an amazing way to move through emotions or blocks that may be holding you back and rewiring your brain while you’re moving your hands, brush, or pen.